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Sale of straw by Cépière Eco Fourrages Énergie in France and abroad (Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Spain).
Want to buy straw? Cépière Eco Fourrages Énergie presents its activity here straw sale and its delivery. We do not make online sales of the e-commerce type but you can contact us to obtain all the necessary information according to your needs and your delivery address.

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What is thestraw, what is the difference with hay or feed ?

La straw generally used as bedding for cattle and horses. It can also be used as a food supplement. 
Le feed is the generic name for several types of hay or straw.
Le hay used for cattle and horse feed.

la straw sale is an activity of Cépière Eco Fourrages Énergie. With more than 2 million turnover, the company Cépière ECO-FOURRAGES-ÉNERGIE sells nearly 15 T/year of fodder and straw to feed all types of animal species (cattle and small ruminants, horses, etc.)
Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for our best selling price of straw!


There are different types of straw:

  • Wheat straw: the most common variety.
  • barley straw
  • oat straw
    our buyers are mainly cattle breeders, equestrian centers and stud farms. The provenance of our straws is guaranteed by the French sector. Call us to find out more
    au 04 68 13 31 08

The company Cépière ECO-FOURRAGES-ÉNERGIE sells its straw thanks to a solid network of producers and markets the straws in France but also exports to other countries (Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Spain).

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Straw delivery in France and abroad




Learn more about straw

Our customers need quality litter for their breeding. As such our straw is a product whose quality is easily assessed. The quality of our straw is guaranteed by the quality of our production.

Straw consists of grass stalks, in particular cereals, stripped of their grains, cut with the ear at harvest. Rigorously stored, our straw provides complete satisfaction for livestock and horse bedding.

As such, Cépière Eco Fourrages Énergie guarantees you a very high quality straw sale.



Which straw and for which use?

Straw, like hay, can be used to form a very good quality mulch. Dry matter, it does not ferment, does not rise in temperature, does not form plaques.
To compensate for the fodder deficit, cereal straw can be used as supplementary fodder in rations, but with certain precautions depending on the type of animal.
straw for cow feed: Contributions must be very limited because the rations cannot be sufficient for food values ​​and would quickly penalize milk production.

Cepiere Fourrages also sells straw as derivatives:
- shredded straw (for cubicles or poultry),
- granulated straw (for bedding of horses, kids, goats),
- straw flour (for cubicles - dairy cows),
- straw crumbs (for chicken coops)

What is the price of straw per ton 2021?

per ton, the price of straw 2021 is indicated on our article "Rates" accessible here
Price of straw per tonne for 2021 by Cépière Éco Fourrages Énergie

Selling straw around me

using our contact page, we will answer this question. Simply provide your delivery location and we'll quote you the best price for your straw. This is a guaranteed indication because we personally take care of the delivery to your address from our straws harvested in the best conditions for your use.

You can always spend time searching straw for sale on leboncoin but will you be certain of having to deal with professionals in the sale of straw? Straw is a food that must be of high quality, harvested, dried and stored in the best conditions. Cépière Fourrages guarantees the quality of its straw production. Ads on sites such as leboncoin cannot provide you with the same expertise, and straw prices are often uncontrolled as ours are.


Cepière Eco Fourrages Énergie, sale of straw.

Cépière Fourrages, a specialist in the sale of straw, offers the sale of straw in France on its website. Wide choice of quality straw at the best price, straw for litter for suckler cows, straw for litter for dairy cows, straw for litter for horses, including straw for litter for sheep and goats. We advise you because we are specialists in the sale of straw and know the techniques of straw harvesting, drying and storage of straw. We ensure the delivery of your straws so that their freshness is guaranteed.

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