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CEPIERE ECO-FOURRAGES-ENERGIE is a fodder trading company,horse feed andcattle feed.

The company has a network of producers and markets fodder in France but also exports to other countries (Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Spain). With more than 2,5 million in turnover, the company CEPIERE ECO-FOURRAGES-
ENERGIE sells nearly 20 T/year of fodder and straw for horse feed and cattle feed. The company site is located in Savignac in Aveyron.

Mr. Cépière is the president of the SAS Cépière Eco Fourrages created for more than 20 years.
It is made up of a team made up of:
- a sales assistant accounting - management,
- 5 delivery drivers,
- 3 agricultural employees ensuring the harvests.

Mr. Cépière's main activity was the manufacture ofhorse feed, food for cattle and trading of agricultural products. In August 2019, he bought the Baudot company, whose activity is exclusively the trading of agricultural products.

le sainfoin in horse feed.

Use in animal feed, in particular for horses: the sainfoin is mainly used to feed farm animals, horse feedl and cattle feed. Several forms of consumption exist: grazing, dry fodder (hay) and corks. Sainfoin is twice as nutritious as regular hay.
We now supply our horse feed to many professionals and individuals who trust us. We are present through our depots, our stores and our distributors throughout France as well as for export.
We offer a full line of horse feed and cattle feed nutritional supplements and care products for your cheval. Our products are aimed at all horses, from leisure horses to race horses.
Providing you with quality food is our priority. Our raw materials are selected and traced to ensure maximum quality.
Because feeding your horse well is essential to its well-being. Here you will find a range of horse feed and cattle feed, natural based on vegetable fibers essential to its diet.
Horse nutrition is an art. It is necessary to choose suitable food according to its activity, its morphology and its race. In nature, the horse spends 15 or 16 hours a day eating. Proper consideration of the horse's diet is necessary for its good health.


CEPIERE ECO-FOURRAGES is the specialist in distance selling in agriculture, CEPIERE ECO-FOURRAGES is also specialized in horse feed and cattle feed in order to provide solutions that allow its customers to improve performance. This promise is based on strong commitments: quality products, hyper-competitive prices, innovative solutions and efficient service.
– Quality: by testing and validating feed for horses and feed for cattle in the field.
– Innovation: by giving priority each year to the development of new concepts and specific solutions.
– Competitiveness: by massifying purchases and favoring short circuits
– Efficiency: by offering to deliver directly to customers a wide range of quality products such as feed for horses and feed for cattle.



Fodder your specialist in sale of hay, horse feed and sale of fodder in France and abroad.
Do you want to buy quality horse feed?
Do not hesitate to ask Cepière fourrages for the best conditions to receive at your address the better fodder, best hay for your horse.
Cepière fourrages has been selling fodder and hay for more than 10 years.

Cepière fodder is also the Hay From Natural Meadow, le artificial pasture hay from cultures of grasses, the straw intended for litter or sometimes to supply, straw pellet.

Best of Quercy hay is available from Cepière fourrages
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