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hay sale

We have a network of producers in France and Spain enabling us to select the product best suited to the specific demand of our customers: meadow hay, alfalfa, straw, concentrated feed, etc.
We do not sell online but present our hay selling services.


Our role of nutritional advice allows us to determine the optimal type of food in each situation according to the mineral deficiencies of the region concerned, the species and their particular needs…



Our truck drivers have large volume trucks to optimize transport costs. In certain difficult access configurations, they can also use small vehicles.


Contacted by phone or email our technical sales representative provides information, product catalog, transport proposal, price and complete estimate.


Sale of hay

We have a network of local en France and Spain allowing us to select the best suited product at the specific request of our customers: meadow hay, alfalfa, straw, concentrate feed...
This site is not an e-commerce site. We present here our hay sales services which are carried out by making contact by means of the menu provided for this purpose or by telephone on 04 68 13 31 08.

Natural meadow hay with varied flora, very polyvalent, suitable for all situations, and constituting the healthiest basis of the diet of herbivores.
artificial pasture hay from cultures of grasses (fescue, Ray-Grass, etc.) or legumes (alfalfa, Clover, sainfoin, vetch, etc …).
Straw intended for the litter or sometimes to supply to supplement too rich rations, and to provide ballast.
Straw pellet represents several advantages: absorbency 3 to 4 times greater than straw, soft and comfortable ground for the animals, ease of distribution, on the sanitary side it avoids ammoniacal rise. It comes in 3 different forms:
- Granulated (8mm) for equine, bovine and goat bedding
- Crumb for poultry litter
- Flour very suitable for the bedding of dairy farms in cubicles
Shavings intended for litter, shavings are a useful substitute for straw bedding when crops are of mediocre quality.
A la carte concentrated food, made to order, each formula adapted to the objective, from the simple granule of maintenance, to the specific flakes aimed at high performance. Concentrated feeds can be packaged in Big Bags of 1000kg or 25kg bags palletized.

Our expertiseAn advisory role in animal nutrition

Our role of nutritional advice allows us to determine the optimal type of food in each situation according to the mineral deficiencies of the region concerned, the species and their particular needs...


You can count on our experience and our knowledge of animal nutrition to make the right choice of product, establish rations and balanced quantities according to the objectives sought. Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of situation (change of diet, etc.)


We guarantee constant quality thanks to a wide catalog of suppliers that allows us to buy the best product. We are committed to customer satisfaction.


Our convoys are equipped with tarpaulins in case of bad weather to best ensure delivery without damage to the goods. In case of damage caused by transport or other, we undertake to replace the product.

Vegetable production

The agronomic study of various types of plant production throughout the world has helped to establish a correspondence between the characteristics of these productions and the food needs of each animal.

Distribution mode

The method of food distribution and the storage constraints of each customer are parameters integrated into the finalized commercial proposal. Equestrian centers, racing stables, zoological parks, ruminant farms, in the plains, in the mountains, in urban areas, all configurations are handled with care.


The ratio between carbohydrates and proteins, the phosphorus/calcium ratio, the cellulose content, are taken into account to calculate a ration with possibly a supply of concentrate whose composition will also be developed “à la carte”.

Hay of the Crau

For example, analyzes of hay from the plain of La Crau lead to the recommendation of a rational use of each cut of hay. The protein-rich second and third cuts are therefore intended for lactating or growing animals, while the first-cut hay, which is more fibrous and energetic, is the feed of choice for sport horses.

DeliveryWe provide transport in France and abroad

We truck drivers have trucks large volume in order to optimize the transport costs. In some configurations difficult access, they can also use small vehicles. Finally, at the request of certain customers, they have the possibility of embarking a handling machine in order to carry out the entire unloading.

Our delivery times are fixed by telephone with our customers when the order is taken.

In the event of quality concerns, we undertake to come and see the problem and find a solution (credit, reloading and replacement of fodder or reloading and reimbursement by bank transfer, etc.).


Delivery methods

Truck, train, a boat, each formula is chosen according to the economic and technical data of the order: purchase, volume, accessibility are analyzed to establish the best transport solution. On some routes we charter trucks from transporters in order to minimize the economic impact of transport.


3 fodder packages : rectangular bales high density, round bales, or small rectangular bales medium density.

Cost of transport

Among the parameters included in the calculation of a delivery quote, the cost of transport represents an essential part. This cost being distributed over the entire volume of the Shipping, the greater the tonnage planned for the order, the lower the unit price per ton. And this for the same distance travelled. This is the very principle of wholesale.



Cépière Éco Fourrages Énergie benefits from the geographical proximity of the ports on the Mediterranean coast, Sète and Marseille. Its relationship of trust with partners specializing in maritime transport allows it to quickly calculate the best quotes for container shipments to all destinations. In particular, the port of Sète, Europe's leading port for the export of live animals, has regularly called on the company Cepiere Eco Fourrages Energie in recent years to supply the animals on board with fodder. This practice constitutes a good experience of the specificities of maritime freight and its constraints. The Middle East and the Maghreb are regular customers for this type of transport, and in the future, Asia represents an important potential market.


We keep our customers informed as soon as a good hay buying opportunity arises...

type of fodderPackingQuantityPriceValidity departments
meadow hayround bales-

155€/ton excluding tax

Languedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
meadow hayLarge Rectangular Balls
30 tons
175€/ton excluding tax
Languedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
meadow hayRound balls20 tons165€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
CRAU AOC hayLarge Rectangular Bales30 tons270€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
CRAU AOC haylittle boots25 tons350€/ton excluding taxPACA + Languedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
meadow haylittle boots25 tons250€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
StrawLarge Rectangular Balls24 tons115€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
StrawRound balls16 tons115€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
StrawSmall rectangular bales of 20kg18 tons210€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
straw pelletBig bags25 tons285€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
Straw flourBig bags25 tons275€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
Fodder pelletsSmall bags27 tons340€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees
Corn SilageRound balls20 tons130€/ton excluding taxLanguedoc-Roussillon + Midi Pyrenees

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